Captive Insurance Audits

The IRS is cracking down.

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IRS Audits Captive Owners   – Know the Red Flags!

The  IRS is currently auditing owners of captive insurance companies who are customers of   promoters who are under scrutiny by the IRS. For more information on Promoter   audits. 

The   IRS practice is to identify Promoters who may be improperly selling captive insurance companies and to open audits of the Promoters. From   those audits, the IRS obtains customer lists and opens individual audits of   some percentage of the customers. Although the IRS recognizes that captive insurance companies can be compliant with tax laws, captive owners should take note of the following red flags which may be scrutinized by the IRS:

Purpose of the Captive. If the Captive is marketed as a tax deduction instead of a manner of   addressing necessary insurance, the IRS will perceive that insurance is not the primary purpose. Also, the IRS looks for signs that the real purpose of the Captive is to meet some estate or retirement planning objective of the Captive owner.  Unfortunately, if the intent of the Captive owner is not well documented, the IRS will likely refer to the marketing materials from the Promoter as evidence of   what is intended.

Spike in Insurance Cost. If the business has a substantial spike in insurance cost because of premiums paid to the Captive with no explanation as to why there is a need for additional insurance, the IRS will perceive that the insurance was not needed before the Captive and is probably not needed after the Captive. It is far better if the Captive can be replacing some commercially   purchased insurance, or that there are specific events that relate to the need for new types of insurance.

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